It was a sunny winter morning as I hear in the then Comilla town, now a metropolitan, on 1 January, 1987 when I was born at 23°28′8.19″N 91°10′51.39″E.

My name is Mohammed Tawsif Salam. I am a Bangladeshi. I am a Muslim and nearly a practicing one. My parents are sincere and pious Muslims who always want me to live a life that Islam prefers. As they pray for it, I am trying my best. However I am a person who enjoys extra strength on top of my confidence or capability after I pray to Allah SWT for anything.

I passed my secondary school certificate from Government Laboratory High School in 2003 and higher secondary from Dhaka Residential Model College in 2005. I started going to North South University, Dhaka in 2006 to study electronics and telecommunication engineering, from where I graduated in 2010 with a bachelor in science degree.

Currently I am attending Lord Ashcroft Business School at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, United Kingdom as a graduate student. The degree I am pursuing studies for is master of business administration. My concentrations are international business, marketing and strategic management.

I love to write. I began writing when I was a junior in school. But I was the only reader of them for many years until I began blogging in 2003. My blogs are based on things I see while surviving and notably while traveling.

I am also a Wikipedian and contribute about history, politics and geography of Bangladesh, those of Comilla and Cox’s Bazar in particular, military history, international relations, cricket, aviation, photography and traveling. My media contributions to Wikipedia, which are constituted of these photos, mostly comprises those taken amid my traveling, inside and outside Bangladesh.


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