Habib Bhai

Let me introduce the most multi-role person you will hear about today.

Habibur Rahman is a former soldier who retired from Bangladesh Army as a sergeant. Now he is a security guard commander at Social Islami Bank Limited headquarters situated at the tallest structure in Bangladesh. He is also the Muezzin, curator and occasional Imam of the bank’s central Masjid.

Due to multiple titles and names by many ranks of the organisation, his name has been now simplified to “Habib Bhai”, which is “Brother Habib” in English.

He was trimming his beard or moustache this morning when I paid a visit at the Masjid. His candid profile as well as the meticulous light (masha Allah) kind of drove me to draw my phone out of pocket like a silent assassin does with his gun. And what you see is the moment when he noticed after a few shots that he got company despite an oversize me within a yard. No, I don’t doubt his military instincts.

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/N29Gpx


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