Palki’s Business Class

Empty flight cabins between Middle East and Bangladesh are extremely rare, unless it’s the business class especially of Biman Bangladesh Airlines which is more known for carrying VIPs and dignitaries than being used for real business by the service.

I had made many attempts to fly aboard a Biman Boeing 777 in last few years, mostly within Dhaka and London where Biman flies the only non-stop flights. Every attempts broke apart until in this April while returning from Jeddah after our holy Umrah.

Biman placed an order for 2 777s, 2 Dreamliners (Boeing 787) and 4 Boieng 737s in 2008, among which the two B777s, one named "Palki", were delivered in 2011. The first Dreamliner is set for delivery in 2017.

Aboard ‘Palki’ somewhere over central India en route to Dhaka from Jeddah

via Flickr


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