Zaeen, My Nephew

I was watching a Star Trek film while relaxing after Iftar at a quite winter night of Ramadan in 1998, when a phone call came and we learnt my eldest sister has given birth to a baby boy Al’hamdulillah.

It’s somewhat weird when that baby boy turns into that thing in the photo, and soon he’ll be getting called “a man” Insha’Allah, and I, the guy who was watching a Star Trek film at the time of his delivery at the hospital, will remain, well, a man too.

Zaeen attended Lakehead Grammar School, a pioneer Islamic once-kindergarten that has grown big now Al’hamdulillah, and finished his O Level this year. Zaeen has followed the lead of my cousin Shadman (Nafis Shadman in Flickr) into that school, and then got his lead followed by nearly half a dozen kids from our family and the extended family including my other nephews and another cousin.

Time flies.

Nikunja, Dhaka

via Flickr

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