Remembering a Heart-melting Brotherhood

It was our third day in Makkah on 5 April that I came across two elderly Turkish brothers more than once during Duhr and Asr prayers. They were at a row in front, for which I couldn’t see their faces well, and the brotherhood between them was spectacular and noteworthy. Especially the younger one was affectionately caring about the needs of the elder, tidying up his stuff, making space while he moved, helping him to sit comfortably after Salat and so on.

Since it’s improper inside Masjid al-Haram to take photos of whatever you see, all I could do was to record the two elderly Turkish brothers in my memory, until the dawn the following day when this duo, with one looking like Benjamin Netanyahu with a beard may Allah SWT forgive, popped up in my viewfinder as I was amid a ‘spree’ after Fajr prayers. Though there is no way to verify, I’m quite confident that these two Turkish gentlemen are the two brothers I came across earlier.

As I see this photo and look back from after four months, it occurs to me that it’s not certain that they were brothers. Maybe they were friends, or neighbors, or of some other family relations. Either way, we cannot be grateful enough ever for the many forms of togetherness Allah SWT has bestowed upon us and the many ways we appropriate our practice of His deen with it. All praises are for Allah sub’hana wa ta’ala.

via Flickr


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