As the two smiling Hajji​as, probably mother-daughter or aunt-niece or mother-daughter-in-laws, were walking out as I was amid a “spree” outside Masjid al-Haram a​fter Fajr prayer​, this mother or aunt marks herself as one of the handful of my subjects who managed to spot me despite the distance my 75-300mm lens allowed me to keep from them.

Beside a profound spiritual experience Al’hamdulillah, one of my most illustrious yields from visiting the holy places in Makkah and Madinah is a beautiful gift that Allah sub’hana wa ta’ala bestows upon us in name of not only family and the relationships in it, but also the relation between one Muslim with another. It’s beautiful. It’s precious. And it’s worth cherishing, nurturing, and investing toward the practice of Allah ‘azza wajal’s beautiful deen.

May Allah sub’hana wa ta’ala bless us to stay together and pray together. Amin.

via Flickr

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