The title goes both ways. It’s this jubilant Bangladeshi family that I spotted at the valley of Jabal al-Noor (Mount Noor) in Makkah, and it was some relative climbing the mountain along the popular trail toward the Cave Hira who was spotted by this family.

Cave Hira bears immense spiritual significance for the Muslims as it is where our Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) used to retreat to from his Jahiliya-inflicted community in Makkah, and meditated until receiving the first revelation from Allah sub’hana wa ta’ala. Though it’s not mandatory in any course of pilgrimage (Hajj or Umrah) to visit this place, thousands of pilgrims come here in purpose of pleasure, spirituality and mere tourism everyday, including many enthusiastic enough to attempt to climb the mountain to visit the 890 feet high cave.

It was an uphill close leading to the wall of Jabal al-Noor with cafes and handicraft shops at the two sides, and I was having a short clicking spree as my parents were awaiting our guide Mr. Enamul Haque Babu who had gone to bring them tea. This Bangladeshi family, sitting in a distance as I was catching them in my 75-300mm, was intensely looking up at the stream of climbing pilgrims that was looking like a thin white thread, assumedly looking for some family member who was there. Luckily for me, as I was taking a burst of eight to ten shots, the family finally spotted the relative and went all smiles.

It was later that I found out the family is from Bangladesh when they were getting into their van parked beside our car. Not only they were speaking in Bangla, their heavy accent also told that the family was Chittagong.


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