Giving Red Its Share

Photo: Nayeem Kalam

It’s been about a month since I changed the site’s outlook where it now has two rows with story-specific photos square cropped into grids. The website now nearly looks like an Instagram profile page and the featured photos have a direct collective influence on how the homepage would look.

Nayeem Kalam, the best photographer on earth I have known to exist, is known for his intriguing love of red. There is little or almost no publicly visible red around him in Chittagong or wherever he goes that he has not shot with one of his cameras, which is evident in his red-tag page that is artfully richer than most Flickr result-pages you would see.

You might not agree, looking at my homepage I thought some strong red could make it look better. So here we go – once again the armed (with camera off course) rambler of my beloved Chittagong, the one and only Nayeem Kalam, is featured in my blog, after 850 days since the last time.


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