If Any One of Us could be Undeserving

If Any One of Us could be UndeservingIf even one of us could have had the right to complain about Allah sub’hana wa ta’ala’s course, it was Prophet Muhammad (Sm), who was born an orphan, lost his mother while seven, struggled in abject poverty, endured countless traumatic attacks and murder attempts, lost his beloved and loyal wife at the time of dire need, and, the most unthinkable and unbearable of all for most of us – saw his children die – not one or two – six of them (that’s his every child except Fatimah (Rd)!

Even a film showing its lead actor to go through all these and still stand onto it would be labeled as “overdoing” even if we forget about a happy ending.

If Allah ‘azza wajal’s Messenger, who Allah sub’hana wa ta’ala articulates as honoured and one of the most beloved and loyal servants, was set to fathom such a streak of extreme hardships and tragedies, what gives us the right to even think of considering ourselves undeserving of what befalls us? Who are we? How much have we seen?

May Allah sub’hana wa ta’ala “guide us to the straight path – the path of those upon whom He has bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked His anger or of those who are astray.”

Quran 1:6-7


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