And She Won





I only follow the works of my favourite photographers, most of whom do it professionally (except my most favourite Nayeem Kalam). But I don’t actually socialise or even interact with them. So I can’t know if what I call “shooting spree”, which is actually pointing a telephoto lens on a moving crowd from a distance and keeping to shoot whoever walks into the focus, has any ‘official’ name in their glossary.

Disregard of the name, that’s what I was doing with a 75-300mm standing some 25 or so yards from the entrance of a handloom fair at the Town Hall ground in Comilla. And I spotted and shot this couple, where the smiling hijab-clad lady was saying something to her apparently unamused husband, the very moment they stepped into the fair.

Then after a few positions and some more sporadic shots of the carnival (mostly people), I again caught the couple from some distance. This time, with his smiling wife still speaking, the man slowly began to smile.

The popular perception would be that the lady had successfully convinced her husband about buying some stuff from the fair. But it really didn’t occur to me they were talking about buying stuff. Rather, it appeared their topic was something quite unrelated with the place or time.

It was Friday evening and we had just returned to the guest house (that of Comilla Club where we have been staying) from our village Barashalghor in Debidwar, and found the memory card in a drawer at my room that I had lost earlier that day. Then I decided to walk into to the fair, primarily to take a few shots of the people and the happenings, and secondarily to take my nephew (brother’s son) Shehran to blend into the Comilla people, my people, a little since it was his first Comilla trip of this kind as well as away from his parents.

To shoot walking-interacting couples was an important part of my photography during my a week-long stay in Saudi Arabia for Umrah this April. In this carnival in Comilla, with so many stalls, people and happenings in a much smaller place (less than half of the whole ground), shooting was more difficult. But these few beautiful moments of this beautiful couple somewhat paid it off, all praises are for Allah sub’hana wa ta’ala.


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