That’s Some Illegal Thing Happening before Kaaba! (according to Bangladesh)

Islamic Foundation is the prime Islamic body that is affiliated with the government of Bangladesh. And the foundation yesterday issued a fatwa banning the use of chairs for establishing salat (praying). Fatwa is a religious imposition that doesn’t always mean enforced compliance, like in this case, where it only sets conditions for validation or invalidation (of subjected religious practices).

A large portion of the concerned population in Bangladesh would be confused at this outlandish declaration by a mere government body of Bangladesh. But certainly those who have visited the two holy Masjids, Masjid al-Haram and Masjid an-Nabawi, are not going to be confused at all. Because it is understood that those two Masjids are run on the most authentic policies conceivable by scholars from not only within Saudi Arabia or the Middle-East but also across the Muslim world. And both the Masjids not only allow the use of chairs for offering salat, but also contain racks of foldable chairs across their floors for free public use.

via Flickr


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