The Closest It can Get

I have stayed in both Seagull and Prasad Paradise to feel enough how it is to sleep, eat, walk and loiter by the sea. But our (the plural is because all our Cox’s Bazar tours are within the family numbering from almost a dozen people to more than that every time) last Cox’s Bazar tour, which took place in July 2014, ended up to an accommodation that is not only unique as of now, but probably a big thing in the making if properly maintained and moved forward.

Continental Sea Princess Hotel is an almost equity crowdfunded enterprise, where its founders, currently in place as the principal managing partners, raised the finance from a group of institutional and individual investors, and NGOs. It is currently the largest sizeable luxury hotel and resort by the Bay of Bengal.

We were in fact headed to Prasad Paradise where we had a reservation. Being probably an hour or so to Cox’s Bazar from Chittagong on a Toyota HiAce, we had called Baba, who was already there by air a day before and waiting to have lunch with us, that we were being slowed down by heavy rain (video) and it just might take long enough to reach before lunch. It was then he told us he moved to a new hotel, the one where we were already told TMSS is an investor but didn’t know where it is. TMSS is the fourth largest NGO in Bangladesh by staff size and branch network.

It was the request of the chief of TMSS, who Baba advises in banking and financial affairs, that we stay in the partially finished hotel as part of its soft test run that was underway at that time. Indeed it was wise to ask a family that has visited Cox’s Bazar almost countless of times to test a newly made hotel!

And that’s how we ended up in Continental Sea Princess Hotel. Our experience in the hotel is quite summed up in the review that I wrote for their Facebook page the day after we had returned:

It wouldn’t be fair to judge the CSPH from only our experience, because we stayed amid the test-run. But the location was amazing, and so is the mood. Rooms were luxurious and comfy, and food at the restaurant was good. House and restaurant staff seemed experienced and well-groomed, which was a reason for our stay to be comfortable and pleasant. The hotel has got a spacious balcony on every floor, which faces straight to the Bay of Bengal without any barrier in between or any possibility of having one at any time in the future. This balcony can easily become a signature for a guest’s CSPH experience. In the conclusion, CSPH qualifies to be highly recommendable for location, luxury and the comfort.

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