The Salah Circle Says “Assalamu ‘alaikum!”

11358124_1598426253776722_436678807_nYou can call it the junior section of our 166/C Shantinagar Salah Circle. The photo was taken after the full junior section had gathered and been waiting for most of the “senior section” (apparently except me) prior to ‘Isha prayers yesterday.

The kids are however going to lose a mate as Aiman, the one with the only toothy smile in the photo, a distant cousin of my first cousin Shadman and a neighbour, is about to move to a new place with his family from next month. It will surely cause some heavy moments the next week when they’d be saying the goodbye. But I really doubt how effective their detachment is going to be, kids of the two families are in Instagram and I’m pretty sure not only they’d catch up in Instagram within themselves, I’m going to receive a friend request from some “Aiman Rahman” some time soon too! Insha’Allah.


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