The Hijabi Bangladeshi!

The Hijabi BangladeshCouldn’t find it if it was her idea or someone else’s – my cousin (paternal uncle’s daughter) Rufaida, the youngest hijabi in our family, showed up like this amid what it was a highly vibrant family hangout on our rooftop. The Bangladeshi flag is quite a highly available and visible object at the time as the cricket World Cup is underway with Bangladesh playing in it with extremely high anticipation. But this flag hijab thingy, for the case of Bangladesh in particular, is something new I guess. I saw pictures of British, American and French Muslim women posing with hijabs of their respective flags at processions. But I haven’t seen it for Bangladesh until Rufaida came up with it.

As I uploaded this, Bangladesh exited the World Cup after what it was a highly controversial quarter final match with a series of incorrect umpiring decisions favouring Bangladesh’s opponent India. The match was the most shambolic I have ever seen in my experience of being a cricket fan for over two decades.


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