First Time with an A380

16242471492_01999a0647_oI had no clue it was this beast resting outside.

Baba and Ammu were fathoming some heavy moments as they were leaving behind their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren that we visited for over one and a half month, and I was trying to lighten it up by taking photos and bringing them coffees and cookies.

And it was after I opened Facebook to post one of their photos and found people from Dhaka buzzing under my previous posts that it’s an A380. Amazing stuff live flight apps do these days.

As I rushed to the window with the kept-in-bag-until-then Canon EOS 1200D, the scene in front bore some uniqueness – the sunny reddish ground of Heathrow, the thick cloud of London and the sunny blue sky that one should expect in January in England, and nonetheless my first close encounter with an Airbus A380, the largest operational jetliner ever made. I was confused for a moment by the thin bright trapezoid lines at the top left, which gives the scene somewhat an impression of motion, only to realise it’s actually the reflection of the lights from the lounge’s ceiling.

Al’hamduLillah it’s good that the ‘first encounter’ has a tiny story to tell behind it.


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