Barbeque on Shehran’s 10th Birthday +2 from Mohammed Tawsif Salam on Vimeo.

23 December 2013
166/C Shantinagar, Dhaka

The moments we should have been preparing ourselves to celebrate Shehran’s 10th birthday, most of us were returning to Dhaka from a grand Ziyafat at Barashalghar, Comilla. Some of us even forgot to wish him Happy Birthday due to the hectic Ziyafat attendances, long journeys and late night returns.

So we were ought to do something big to celebrate the birthday on +1 or even +2. There was a barbeque plan for Barashalghar, for which some of the Ziyafat meat was marinaded. As all of it returned with us to Dhaka unused, it eventually made a nice, content and vibrant rooftop barbeque party for Shehran’s 10th birthday.

আর শেষের পার্টটা বাংলায় না লিখলে না- পার্টির শেষে ছাদে ৯ জন মিলে ‘কুমির কুমির’ খেলা হল। সময় রাত সাড়ে ৮টা। কনিষ্ঠতম প্লেয়ারের বয়স ১৬। জেষ্ঠ্যতমর বয়স ২৭। গড় বয়স ২১.৬। গড় ওজন ।


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