Fewer Book Readers Might not Mean a Generation of Idiots is in the Making

National Literacy Trust, a British charity, published a survey report showing “fewer children across the UK are reading in their own time and one in five is embarrassed to be caught with a book”.

The report reads as quoted by the BBC, “Just over a quarter of 35,000 children from 188 schools told the National Literacy Trust that they read outside of school. About the same number said they did not think their parents cared if they read”.

BBC learns from the trust, “A similar survey in 2005 found one in three children read in their own time”.

BBC literacy and book reading 1
Click here to navigate to the report at BBC website.

Still I won’t like to conclude that a generation of idiots is in the making (in the countries this study covers). I would wait for some analytics of how frequently the kids visit Wikipedia for topics not covered at schools.

It’s not only about me who spent more time wikipeding than reading for at least last half a decade, it’s about hundreds others I come by who are genuine knowledge seekers and spend handsome share of their time wikipeding.

Moreover in the UK in particular, more kids are reading from their e-book readers, particularly the Kindle, which makes a super-huge library of free Amazon e-books available to them within a few taps. So we are in a generation where looking at bookshelves might no more be the easiest way to determine whether someone is a bookworm or not.

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