‘After the Sunruse’ by Mossy

another-day-mossySongs sometimes nicely suit certain contexts and perspectives. I can give a hundred examples from my personal experience.

Even the songs those you just listened to, loved so much and became certain that they will top your playlist forever, may eventually fail in being that much significant but remains in your memory to represent a certain timeframe of your life.

As a quick example, I became a so crazy fan of the Red Bull Stratos version of Twin Atlantic’s ‘Free’ that I even used to take my phone during the coffee breaks of my MBA lectures in Cambridge just to listen to it a few times while walking between my theatre and the nearest Costa in the campus. That happened between September and December 2012, my first four months in the UK, and the ‘Free’ lasted at the top of my phone’s playlist not more than 3 months. This is hard for me to believe with respect to how crazy I was about that, but standing in September 2013, I can tell that the Red Bull Stratos version of ‘Free’ by Twin Atlantic will remain as a music memento for me, perhaps forever, to remember everything that happened after I came to the UK- the time I passed at the Anglia Ruskin campus, my bus rides to there, me walking around Bury St Edmunds, everything. Absolutely the same applies to ‘A Day without Rain by Ferry Corsten featuring Ellie Lawson, but for a much longer timeframe.

This is the problem of being an unprofessional writer isn’t it? The subject why I am writing this blog post has now finally come after over 250 words!

Yes, it’s ‘After the Sunrise’ by Mossy.

If I am not wrong, I began to be extensively dependent on electronic music since 2011. Robert Miles is from the old days, but Eric Prydz, Mylo, Tiesto, Marcus Schossow, Armin van Buren, Ferry Corsten, these are not the names those came to me for their individual stardom. I have been an extensive free-rider in the internet to get in touch with good electronic music and that’s precisely how I got these names.

If you look at the sequence of the names I mentioned, it doesn’t simply reflect their fame and stardom. It reflects when I found them and how I loved their works. It is even more amazing that my most favourite names aren’t there because they are not much known and commonly heard. Fehrplay, Shingo Nakamura, Mossy, Gregory Esayan, how many of them have you ever heard of? Gregory Esayan isn’t even in Facebook, Twitter or SoundCloud! All he has got (in social networks) is a personal Facebook profile!

Yes you got it right from the latter names- recently ‘Progressive House Mix’ has been a preference. Here is the playlist of my most favourite Progressive House tracks.

This of my blog-posts is dedicated to the embedded the track ‘After the Sunrise’ by Mossy. My obsession about this track nowadays is crazier than ever! I jog with this one on, I work at home with this one on! I ride with this one on! I go to toilet with this one on!

I find it painful to admit, but in light of my ‘long’ experience with music (as an avid and ‘aggressively versatile’ listener), I am quite certain that this one’s too not going to last long even up to the point of my standing in a queue at London Heathrow on my way to Dhaka some five six months later Inshallah. But let’s celebrate that fact that I am immensely loving it now!

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