A Hilly ‘Hut’, Photo of The Day

Market Fair in Boga Lake, Bandarban, Bangladesh
The gifted photo is taken by Ashik Zaman. You can get more from him here in his Flickr.

I don’t know if it’s a daily affair or a weekly one, but I’ve witnessed this a few times while visiting Bandarban and Rangamati. Makeshift markets, locally known as ‘huts’, involve locales as both sellers and buyers, but you’d appear as a more potential customer being a tourist.

Handicrafts, vegetables and fruits are usual selling items. If there’s a greater ratio of handicrafts, you’d know the ‘hut’ is there for you, meaning tourists. If otherwise, it can be a local affair.

Tourists_Buying_Chakma_Handicrafts_In_Bandarban,_5_Dec,_2011 600px
It’s a photo from Wikipedia that I uploaded after our Cox’s Bazar-Bandarban tour in November 2011.

Nearly hundreds of villages are there in the Chittagong Hill Tracts- Khagrachhari, Rangamati and Bandarban, those you cannot access by road. Walking, hiking or even climbing are the only ways to get in those places. You can still find those makeshift weekly ‘huts’ in those villages which are certainly not meant for outsiders or tourists and mostly sell commodities and household goods for the locales.

But ‘huts’ by the roads originated from the N1 highway and its branches mostly target tourists, and have a very high ratio of local handicrafts, many of which are taken perfect and valuable souvenirs for the visitors.

It has been one and half year since I have been in Bandarban for the last time. We found a similar hut by the hilly road on our way to Chimbuk peak from Bandarban town, though we eventually could not get to Chimbuk because the female members of the group took too much time in that ‘hut’. The right-padded photo hopefully supports the last sentence.

So the one at the beginning by Ashik Zaman is my photo of the day!


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