Social Network Ads are Social Contracts, You can’t Milk too much: Wales

The overlying subject in here definitely is Yahoo’s takeover of Tumblr, for which BBC spot interviewed Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to get his reactions on the billion dollar bid. But why I am quoting from it and embedding the video in this post is different. You watched the video already? No matter you did or did not, watch it again from 2:51 to find out what Wales says about ads in social networks.

Given how Yahoo would monetize Tumblr in light of Google’s experiences with YouTube, the snippet discussion moves onto an interesting topic- advertisement in social networks. Jimmy Wales comes straightforward about it saying, it has come clear that users do not always hate to see ads, perhaps having the thought of using the services for free in the background. But what is important is- people will not want those ‘services’ milking them too much. Advertisement in social networks (well they did not mention ‘social networks’ for even once, but surely that is what they were meaning) is about a social contract. Well said Jimmy Wales.

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