The True Meaning of “I don’t care”

Nehan with his Nintendo DS in 'I don't care' mood
Nehan with his Nintendo DS in ‘I don’t care’ mood

English is not my first language so many phrases and expressions have had two meanings for me- one is what impression what they gave when I first heard them, and the other is certainly after I got to know their true meanings.

As a kid when I got to hear the expression “don’t care” for the first times, I did not get what it means and or why it means what it means. The word ‘care’ to me at first was the ‘care’ that moms do to their children, nurses do to their patients and so on. So “I don’t care” was not like today’s “I don’t give a d*mn” or “I don’t give a s*it” before.

The reason I look back to my understanding of that particular expression is precise this photo of my 4-year old nephew Nehan.

He regularly comes to me before my laptop and points figure at the desktop, where there is a folder with Bangladeshi flag as icon. This is the folder where I keep all media files regarding people and places of Bangladesh. Nehan points figure at that folder and gives order, “Show me Bangladesh”. That’s his ‘Bangladesh time’.

Eventually I take him to the Bangladesh stream in Flickr where his favourites are kids, animals and something catchy and colourful.

But sometimes he comes to my room with his Nintendo DS and there I get enlightened with the true philosophical and practical meaning of the expression “I don’t care”. He really doesn’t. I may yell his name to draw his attention, his mother may call him for something, or someone else. But no. He is in fact not in this world.


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