Boredom might not always Lead to Wrongdoing

seiko sapphier on laptop bury st edmunds

There is a saying in Bengali- “Olosh mostishko shoytan-er karkhana”. If I translate it to English- Laziness is a source of wrongdoings; it’s not THE source, it’s A source. I am pretty sure there exists an equivalent proverb in English for this, but I don’t know what it is so you have to do with my poor translation skill this time.

Well, that might not apply all the time people who love good photos and sometimes dare to make attempt taking some of them, like me. I looked at the metal coating of my laptop keyboard, which is reddish black and with the reflection of blue from the screen, it was looking good. The nicest thing near my hand was this watch so I took the camera, placed the watch on the laptop and took this one.

I was bored, that does not mean I did not have anything to do. Within 12 hours of when I took this photo, I have an appointment with one of my professors, before whom I have to stand with a 4000-word paper, of which I have done only 2000 words. I would need a fair amount of sleep before kicking off for Cambridge in the morning, that means now I have roughly two hours to get somewhere close to that 4000-words milestone. And here I am taking photos and putting them up in Flickr, WordPress and where not.

This watch was a gift from my bhabi (sister-in-law) given eleven years ago. She had got a pair of Seiko watches from someone as her wedding gift. Immediately after opening the nice navy blue box, she handed one to me and kept the other for my brother, who was not seen to wear that one ever. My brother hates wearing watches since long before the introduction of mobile phones or any mobile gadgets to tell you the time. But I have this watch as my companion ever since.

I sat for my SSC and HSC wearing this one. I spent my NSU days with this one though those years I rarely used to wear this. It used to be kept at my Baba’s personal drawer for safety. Sometimes when Baba had to send his for repairing or servicing for a day or two, this one was used as a sub.

I love this watch. I would also love if you please wish me some luck as I am going back to my ‘real work’ now.


One thought on “Boredom might not always Lead to Wrongdoing

  1. I have seen you wearing this watch. 🙂 anyways the English equivalent proverb of “Olosh mostishko shoytan-er karkhana” is “An idle mind is devil’s workshop”

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