Surprise Birthday Blast: AYAN!

Surprise Birthday Blast is what we give to cousins among ourselves on our birthdays. Some sort of weird surprising stuff we attempt to do- like creating a fake cake out of a creamed balloon (which explodes after birthday boy/girl tries to cut it), or knock on the door at very zero hours of the birthday, or simply ghost pranks.

This time it was Ayan’s turn, our youngest cousin. We all drove to Dhanmondi, knocked on their door at 12:00am and burst into the house as soon as they opened it.

It was nice, and a bit emotional for me because it was the last for me to take part in some two years as I am in England now. Inshallah I will be seeing them in Facebook as they would keep on the ‘tradition’ and eyeing to join in the middle of 2014 Inshallah!

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