‘Where Flowers Go to Sleep’, Photo of The Day

‘Where Flowers Go to Sleep’ by Nayeem Kalam in Chittagong.

People get scared of creepy photos no matter they are real or not. A website called Rotten dot com was ‘popular’ among freaks when I was in school. One of my friends used to print his ‘collection’ of Rotten dot com photos and bring them to school to show us. He did not want to scare people. Perhaps he wanted to let us know he had got something ‘cool’ in possession.

Unpleasant photos are of two kinds- photos those scare you and photos those sadden you. By the way I have some friends in my Facebook who have a ‘third’ category of unpleasant photos- those of their broken up relationships. One of them even wrote a poem to caption a photo of his ‘ex’ tagging all of ‘her’ friends!

The photo on the top was taken by Nayeem Kalam, a photographer whose works I almost religiously follow. The reason I assume is he keeps posting about just living, things around him but in an extraordinary manner.

[People look for extraordinary photos of extraordinary places. I do not fit among them. Yes I love those photos and I get amazed by them. But those I would regularly follow would be mostly about daily lives. That is ‘extraordinary’ to me. Perhaps this is why more than all lavish and exorbitant stuff in Bangkok, I remember the residential blocks where our Tuktuk driver ‘mistakenly’ took us while getting ‘lost’ in shortcuts. Perhaps this is also why I do not usually want to miss on a day seeing what Nayeem Kalam uploads.]

This photo saddens me. I am a firm believer in Bangladesh (though physically I am not there now) we are in the track to get things right and things like this would go today or tomorrow. But I think it might be a high price to pay when thousands of children live past their childhood without being offered proper food, needed education and much needed shelter. These children unfortunately are exposed to all sorts of dark parts of our society those we might not feel comfortable to talk about, meaning that they get used to what we find terrible to think of.

This is what the author wrote about this one,

One of the busiest places in town and a long line of vehicles behind my car, I had to keep cool and drive slowly for this, it was a shocking scene, right in the middle of the road, on the island they came to sleep. I do not know if these boys beg for a living, their faces didnt look familiar to me but most probably they are beggars who came from another area. The streets are their home I am sure….Sweet dreams !!

So, this is my Photo of The Day for today.


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