Gary and Danielle Lineker’s Unceremonious Bangladesh Visit

I just wonder when he kept walking on those streets, did people realize who was walking past them?

Well to much of my friends, people of my age or youngers, Gary Lineker is just a football pundit to chair talks before and after key football matches. Even if someone had the time to google him or find him Wikipedia, his footsteps in the game can be found yes, but perhaps as just statistics to many of them. “Okay…” or “Ow he was good!”

Gary Lineker was too good to be just good!

The only one sentence that I find to describe Lineker’s excellence in the game- one in every very few human beings would have known his name if there were FIFA video games’ today’s viral fame in late 80s or early 90s.

Photo: Big Splash

Lineker played for Leicester City, Everton, Barcelona and Spurs. Not enough? How about this- Lineker in his whole footballing life was never ever whistled by a referee for a foul play! That was something is not it?

And this? Gary Lineker is the highest scoring Englishman in World Cup finals with 10 goals.

And how about it if we bring in another big name? Gary Lineker is second to only Sir Bobby Charlton to score the most goals for the English national side. Lineker had 80 international caps for England scoring 48 goals, which is just one short of Bobby’s 49 goals scored amid 106 international caps, 26 more than that of Lineker.

Photo: Digital Spy

And directly quote from Colin Malam’s Gary Lineker: Strikingly Different (1993), “He scored four goals in an England match on two occasions and is one of very few players never to have been given a yellow card or a red card in any type of game.”

That great Gary Lineker was in Bangladesh as part of a project taken at the wake of statistic that two children die every hour due to drowning in Bangladesh.

The project, taken under Sport Relief, is about teaching children to swim in rural Bangladesh.

Sport Relief is an awareness and action programme jointly initiated by BBC Sports and British charity Comic Relief.

Danielle Lineker, former Welsh model and Lineker’s wife, accompanied him in conducting interviews of the victim children’s families and overseeing the project.


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