Ow Chittagong!

Visibly, the only relevance of this photo about Chittagong is that it was taken in Chittagong. But to me, it means something more than that because the very moment I discovered this photo in Bangladesh category stream in Flickr, I knew it was Chittagong.

Well for people who follow Bangladeshi photos in Flickr, it is easily understood that a photo by Nayeem Kalam has to be in Chittagong. But surprisingly, I pointed out its ‘Chittagong’ thingy before I came to see it was taken by Nayeem Kalam, one of the Flickr contributors I almost religiously follow time to time.

Nayeem Kalam names the photo as Different Paths. His description or caption reads, “The young lady coming to her work place, a ready-made garments factory which is near my house and the old man out on his morning walk….”

For an illiterate photography fan/follower like me, this is just a beautiful photograph like every other photo with this sort of sun lit subjects seems to me. But ‘experts’ whose evaluations about photos in Flickr I consider to be objective and valuable note good composition, good timing with respect to lights on the subject(s) and symbolization of the photo to have been praiseworthy. Good to know that.

So, this is my Photo of The Day for today.

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