Biman’s A310 Too Looks Good in The New Livery!

The wide-body twinjet looks pretty good in the new Biman livery, does not it? Photo: Faisal Akram Ether

Everyone talks about our DC-10s and B777s. Why not this A310?

There was a time when Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the flag carrier of Bangladesh, in the cyberspace was all about McDonnell Douglas DC-10, the long-haul version DC-10-30 to be precise.

The scenario changed a little bit after two Boeing 777-300ERs, codenamed ‘Palki’, were introduced to the service in the last quarter of 2011 as part of a modernization programme. Biman’s new green and red livery on the brand new B777s caught many eyes, those of the photographers in particular, and Biman stepped forward from some sort of a classical attention for DC-10 toward some extent of modernity. The programme includes orders for six Y1s (Boeing 737–800, of which two arrived), four Y2s (Dreamliners, expected to enter service in late 2016) and four B777s among which two are in service.

You may get diverse picture if you google for Biman photos in general. But as aviation enthusiasts if you keep in touch with what photos go up in where with time, Biman is all about the old iron trijet bird DC-10 and the new extended ranged B777.

Here I put up a photo of Biman’s Airbus A310-300, taken by well-known Bangladeshi aviation photographer Faisal Akram Ether, which also looks pretty good with the new Biman livery imprinted on it.

The wide-body twinjet now serves in both European and extended Southeast Asian flights for Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Its 9,600 km range allows Biman to put it in a wide range of its options for non-stop flights. Biman currently holds three A310s, which are now expected to leave the service at some point of this decade due to the airlines’ assumed target of an all-Boeing fleet that is already in motion.

So, this is my Photo of The Day for today!


3 thoughts on “Biman’s A310 Too Looks Good in The New Livery!

  1. thank you for considering my photo to be used in your blog. it’s a pleasure to read the well written article along with the photo.

    Also i would like to thank you for giving proper photo credit, very rare these days 🙂

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