Officer Candidates in Sardah BPA, Photo of The Day

Bangladesh Police
Officer-candidates with the photographer in Bangladesh Police Academy, Sardah, Rajshahi.

I am a firm believer of- not punishments maybe, but of the fact that punitive provisions contribute more than common principles in keeping order in a society. People keep away from breaking rules for the fear of penalties way more than their sincerities of not becoming law breakers.

Now what I said is actually about their weights in practice, not about idealistically which one should contribute more. If a society where minimal crime rates are largely contributed by punitive provisions in face of a marginal degree of principles among the members of the society, you cannot say what would happen if that order is disturbed for some reason and those members are suddenly turned into ‘mobs’. Who knows!

Beyond the contraries (are they?), there is one government department which is the most entitled and desired to contribute the best to the sense of law and order in general. Justice is ensured by the judiciary without a doubt, but in here we are looking for an entity which is more down-to-earth and intimate to the members of the society, or at least it should be.

Yes, maybe we are talking about the police.

Photographed are some officer candidates in Bangladesh Police Academy in Sardah, Rajshahi who were called on by the members of some project where the government of Bangladesh was collaborating with some international entities.

Someday when Bangladesh will become a country with strong economy, transparent administration and ensured social justice, Bangladesh Police will be one of the entities to claim the credit for that’s harmony, stability and sustainability.

So, this is my Photo of The Day for today.


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