A Silent Interaction by Sakib Chaklader

‘A Silent Interaction’ by Sakib Chaklader

I do not know, because I have not been a part of it in my life, but I believe the most common dilemma for performing artists or public performers is ‘eye contacts’. People who are good in being on their own even if they are keeping eyes on eyes of the strangers make the best or at least the most natural performers.

But did anyone figure out that the same dilemma, or should I say a discomfort, can happen to the photographers? They ramble on the streets with the cameras and keep taking photos. What happens when some or many of their subject crowd keep looking at them, eyes on eyes? I cannot think it to be a very comfortable position to be in.

Let see what happened when photographer Sakib Chaklader encountered a similar situation.

‘A Silent Interaction’

I was just taking candids when the lady looked straight through the lens. I found myself smiling a bit and vice-versa. At least she didn’t give me a look of annoyance or confusion which most people do when they find me taking their photographs in the streets.

And with this photograph I decided about my 100 Strangers project. Well I don’t think I can include her photograph in that project as I don’t know her, but the friendly smile from a stranger was all that I needed. Hope to start and share the 100 Strangers project soon 🙂

So this is my Photo of The Day.


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