The Returning Blogger

To blog or not to blog
I chose to blog, again.

I started blogging in 2004, at much of Johnny bhai’s (Khaled Mahmud) inspiration to whom I used to go to take physics and maths tuition. My first blog was in Blogger where I used to post on traveling and living in general. I had just got my hold on my first digital camera at that time, so I used to have a plenty of photos to put up with whatever I wanted to write about.

The first break in blogging that I can remember possibly happened at the end of 2005 after I returned home from a month long stay in the UK. I got bogged down into a number of processes for my university admission, and finally when I started going to North South University in 2006, that began the long break. Though I remember making a number of posts, I became irregular anyways.

In January 2007, an abnormal government took over in Bangladesh, said to have been backed by the military, and subsequently the country’s media began to behave mysteriously. I got back to blogging at this point, but at much surprise- with more and more political issues. I had to take a pseudonym because government agencies were out there to put hold on ‘anything that embarrassed them’. It was then I moved to WordPress from Blogger. That two-year habit of going ‘political’, as I can figure out now, was fading my earlier way of blogging which had barely anything to do with politics.

So finally four years later, now, when I decide to get back in blogging about stuffs those might appear absolutely pointless to people other than me but at least would be filled with stuffs those are intimately around me and interest me, I am not too sure why I suddenly made such decision. In these four years, I earned a bachelor of science in telecom engineering, worked as an internet marketing and social networks professional for both an internet newspaper and myself and finally arrived in here, Cambridge, United Kingdom, to study for master in business administration. Maybe something happened in this time which did sovereignly or partly influence this decision, maybe it is something else. I would choose to find out as I would move on.


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