6th Semester Got Kissed Good Bye

My 6th semester at North South University has been kissed good bye this evening. I have a regular ST class tomorrow though, that’s an extra class piece of shit & doesn’t deserve to be taken in account anyhow. So, I consider that toady’s MAT350 class by Samad ‘AdS’ Sir was the last class of this semester. I can say, MAT350 is the only course in my semester I can mention where I never got bored. I took following courses in this semester,
ETE212 (Introduction to Digital Electronics) by Naimul Bashar Sir. May Allah bless ALH students.
MAT350 (Engineering Mathematics) by Abdus Samad Sir. The one which at least reserved some floor to get relieved.
MAT361 (Introduction to Statistics & Probability) by Zafar Ahmed Sir.
PHY108 (General Physics Part II) by Zasim Mazumdar Sir.


click for more photos of last class of Fall 2007


TAs of two courses MAT350 & PHY108, Jaan-e-Alam Bhai, Tarek Bhai & Tariq Bhai were nice with us where as others were very much ill fated snobs, busy but apparently worthless and stupids with their identities that, they are TAs.
I had a clash between final exams of MAT350 & MAT361, but finally got dissolved while MAT361’s Zafar Ahmed sir came to decide that he would take the final of clash-maligned 5 students on probably 17 December. This will make me become free of all finals & studies stuffs for this semester on 17 December. Courtesy of Zafar Ahmed sir definitely deserves our gratefulness but on the other hand, Abdus Samad sir was absolutely ready to take our special final as he kept his helping hand as the last resource for us.


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