We Are Shocked

sanjib.jpgI can’t believe that I will no more see any music album outlet which will mention about him. The person who tracked a different way in feature reporting culture of Bangladesh’s newspaper arena, the person who explored a different essence in Bangladeshi music band culture, that long hair guy with hypnotizing voice, Sanjib Chowdhury has passed away. This is the thing which is fact but unacceptably difficult to go through. We have fallen into one of this earth’s most unexpected situations, where people are not ready to accept what has happened, are not ready to admit the fact.

sonjib-chw.jpgSanjib is the singer of two of my most favorite songs, “Ami Tomake Bole Debo” and “Shobuj Jokhon” from Dolchhut’s album “Hridoypur”. In 1996, after Sanjib Chowdhury & Bappa Majumdar started with their band “Dolchhut” and released their first album “Hridoypur”, it was assumed that a new chapter in Bangladeshi band music has started, which concerns more about cool & charming composition than commercialism of music. This made them to take huge time before releasing this album. Sanjib Chowdhury today has left a vacuum in both music & journalism. He was the category in music which does not contain many figures. He has taken his type with him & it’s not sure if this vacuum is ever filled by anyone. I have said before and saying again, during writing each sentences of this post, I am facing too much difficulty to get reminded that Sanjib Chowdhury is dead & it’s such a fact which is real hard to accept. He has never been alarmed of this; never let this world know this is going to happen. None of his body parts ever told that it’s going fatal. Just two nights stay in Apollo Hospital CCU has put him in such a different world, which has never returned anybody yet. I still have not learnt that how Bappa Majumdar is feeling right this time, but I guess it’ll be a real hard time for him when he will discover the forever’s absence of Sanjib in coming days of his life. Sanjib’s fans including me will miss him for sure, so will all of artists of Bangladesh, but Bappa & Dolchhut will never be able to escape the memories of Sanjib. So far I have seen Bappa has always kept some special room for Sanjib in his musical career. I don’t know how he will take this.

We mourn & we are expressing our condolence at the death of journalist & singer Sanjib Chowdhury, who has died at his age of 43 and has been survived by his wife Progga Nasrin Shilpi & daughter Kingbodonti.


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