“Lawrence of Arabia”



I have just finished watching “Lawrence of Arabia”, which has been made on T.E. Lawrence’s expedition to Arabia to unite fighting Arab clans & tribes for assaulting against Turkey during the World War I.

lawrence.jpgT.E. Lawrence was a Lieutenant of British Army in Middle East, who was buttoned to negotiate between conflicting clans. On behalf of Prince Faisal, Lieutenant Thomas Edward Lawrence started negotiation between Faisal’s loyal Sherif Ali & Auda Abu Taiyi. Finally Lawrence succeeded to unite two clans & invaded Turkish Army at port city of Aqaba & later Damascus with a joint troops of Ali & Taiyi. Lawrence’s approach to unite them later led these clans to argue for Arab independence under loyalty of Prnice Faisal after the fall of Damascus.

davidlean.jpgLegendary British film director, David Lean had added another milestone after his record of highest Academy Award winning film “The Bridge on The River Kawai“. T.E. Lawrence has been portrayed by Academy Award winner Peter O’Toole. The main supporting actor Omar Sharif has portrayed Sherif Ali. Ecstatic performance by its actors & brilliancy of David Lean has made this film a real piece to enjoy. Those who have not yet watched “Lawrence of Arabia”, you will never know what you have missed.



This film is a sacred name in Academy Awards Hall of Fame. “Lawrence of Arabia” had crushed into the Academy Awards arena in 1969, this had won 7 Academy Awards for 7 different grounds.

Academy Awards for Best Film by Sam Spiegel (Producer of Lawrence of Arabia)

Academy Awards for Best Director by David Lean

Academy Awards for Best Sound Engineer by John Cox

Academy Awards for Best Music by Maurice Jarre

Academy Awards for Best Art-director by John Box

Academy Awards for Best Cinematographer by Freddie Young

Academy Awards for Best Film-editor by Anne Vivian Coates

Not only that, Peter O’Toole, Omar Sharif & its screen-play writer were nominated for the Academy Awards.

“Lawrence of Arabia” also won 4 BAFTA Awards (British Academy for Film & Television Arts) & 5 Golden Globe Awards.




Peter O’Toole as Thomas Edward Lawrence

Omar Sharif as Sherif Ali

Alec Guiness as Prince Faisal

Jack Hawkins as General Allenby

Anthony Quinn as Auda Abu Taiyi

Anthony Quyale as Colonel Harry Brighton



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