Hail Tauqir for ‘Daruchini Deep’

tauqir_ahmed.jpgThis was my first experience of watching a movie in Star Cineplex of Boshundhara City Shopping Complex. I totally agree that the thanks must go for Tauqir Ahmed, his ‘Daruchini Deep’ has made my first visit a glorious one. I must consider that, ‘Daruchini Deep’ is one of best Bangla films I have ever watched. Here I want to put a little note that, I believe in watching a movie for quiet many times [may be it sounds too much boring] which gives me the confidence to justify the movie. So, I have to wait until I buy the DVD of ‘Daruchini Deep’ as soon as it appears to stores. Appa (my sister), Jami Bhai (my bro-in-law), Bhabi, my cousines Tamal Bhaia, Emila, Tahnik, Maisha, Shadman, Shamik, Tanvi, Oyishik and my nephews Zaeen & Risat; total fourteen of us including me have enjoyed the movie. This was entirely sponsored by Jami Bhai as he took his beloved (damra) ‘shala-shali’s to the movie.

250px-humayun_ahmed.jpgThis movie tells the story of 9 friends, who were preparing for a visit to Saint Martins Islands (fictionally featured as ‘Daruchini Deep’). But each of them was facing multiple familiar or, financial problems which were putting them into the tension that their dream to visit ‘Daruchini Deep’ is not going to come true. Many incidents have been featured by concerning Bangladeshi socio-economic reality. But finally the last minute of the movie made its viewers had a great relief when the dream of 9 friends was shown to be in the way of coming true, all of them managed to get into to the train to Chittagong, which apparently initiated their tour.

momo.jpgThe movie is based on the popular novel ‘Daruchini Deep’, written by Humayun Ahmed. But it was the amazing brilliancy of Tauqir Ahmed who has shown this entire story keeping accordance to the reality, with a very realistic screenplay.

The most interesting thing was, Tauqir Ahmed also enjoyed the film with us with his family. His wife, another superstar and one of mentors of Bangladeshi modeling arena, Bipasha Hayat was present there too. After every funny scenes of the movie, I had a look on Tauqir Ahmed, who was just two rows behind from us. But Tauqir was never seen to laugh rather he was looking a little tensed. May be he was continuously scrutinizing what he did in the set. After the show ended, I didn’t forget to say thanks & congratulate Tauqir for excellent piece of work he did.

Each and every actors & actress have done amazingly well that sticked us into our seats all along. Momo, Riaz, Abul Hayat, Abdullah-Al-Mamun, Challenger, Bindu, Imon, Mosharraf and all of other artists deserve to be hailed. Specially Momo, I never expected this kind of stuff from a newcomer, she has done awesome. Go ahead Mom! Go ahead Tauqir!


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