Good Bye to My Fifth Semester at NSU

Finally my fifth semester at North South University has got waved good bye. Comparing to others, this semester has been a little tight, we don’t know why. My courses this semester, ETE341, ETE132, ETE283 & MAT240, fortunately or unfortunately I have got all of these courses at ST schedules, my luck!

In last classes, my fellow classmates (myself included unfortunately) have been found to cheer up a bit and laughing all along the “bidaye muhurto” instead of grabbing each other with tears. Such a thing to regret! I believe we should have dropped some tears at least as a showdown (I laughed more than others).

Bunch of photos have been taken on this last day and and for my fellow classmates, I have uploaded them here, in this site. You people can click here to get those pics at once.

s2020099.jpg Hell !! is Trishan Bhai crying or something ???


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