The Last Day

This is the last day of Xanthis in Cambridge as well as in England. Xanthis will depart through the Heathrow International Airport, London tonight at 8:30PM Inshallah. Xanthis has stayed 29 days at England including 26 days at Cambridge. Its sure that this visit of Xanthis is verymuch a specially memorable experiance. Xanthis has posted total 5 blogs after being in England. Those were, “From Cambridge… (1 & 2)”, “10 days in Engand”,Having the last week started” and “Xanthis in Coventry“. This is the sixth & last post from England for this time named “The Last day“. Its 12:15PM, when Xanthis is preparing to head to London for his departure, leaving his mom here for about 16 days… they will start for Dhaka on December 2 Inshallah.
We surely have loved Cambridge,
We surely have loved England,
We Inshallah will be here again.
Here the last post of England ends.

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