From Cambridge ….

This is a week passing of Xanthis in Cambridge. Xanthis is really amazed and glad to be here. Xanthis has told before that there is an educational essance always moving around here. People from entire world are here to seek knowledge. Still now, Xanthis has not moved to other cities. On 26th, xanthis will head to Londoon. There is Birminghum in the plan too. Xanthis will be back to Bangladesh most probably on November 5. Or, it will be on November 15/18.

Okay, thanks for visiting

Have good time wherever you are.

Recently a problem has occured during the edition of this page. Xanthis hopes this problem will be solved soon as xanthis returns to the base… means… B A N G L A D E S H.


M Tawsif Salam
Cambridge CB3 9DF

Phone: +44 7784 189412



4 thoughts on “From Cambridge ….

  1. bhaia…
    amar kase O2 SIM… local network…


    abar try korte paren…

    chhobita ami tuli nai :)…
    click korlei bujhte parben 🙂

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